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    LIMS system for your company
    Lightweight, scalable, mobile

    LIMS is a work management system for laboratories with different profiles, such as industrial, environmental or medical.


    LabStorm - The system to
    improve your laboratory work

    LabStorm is a powerful yet intuitive LIMS-type system for managing work and research processes in a laboratory of any profile.

    With versatile and flexible modules, you can easily tailor LabStorm to your needs. Each contains a range of functions and tools designed to make your laboratory workflow smooth, safe and error-free, and the flow of operations can be reproduced at any time for inspection.

    The ability to integrate with quality management and R&D modules will make it easier to meet the ever-changing demands of your customers and new standards.

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    Take advantage of LabStorm's capabilities.
    Explore the complex functions of our system!

    Integration with instruments

    With the help of LabStorm you will integrate entering of your test results with your equipment. This will transfer the measurement data directly into the system, without the need for tedious transcription of results. In addition, with the Equipment module it is possible to monitor the status of the instrument and view its history. User can see information in the system, such as calibration, repairs, maintenance or the availability of the instrument at any given time. LabStorm sends alerts when equipment is about to be serviced.

    Configurable protocols

    Users are able to enter process-specific protocols into the system. Defining and editing them is straightforward and does not require programming skills, and subsequent work according to predefined steps affects the repeatability of processes and minimises errors.

    Standardized workflows

    With LabStorm, work in the laboratory follows defined patterns and workflows. Workflows enable the definition of a standardised workflow associated with individual material and product types and the corresponding set of tests, methodologies, acceptable result ranges, report template, procedures or periodic test planning.

    User-defined tested materials and objects

    The system is designed with versatility in mind. This allows you to work on any type of material. The user can add new types of test object with dedicated views that support the work so that none of the information needed to be recorded with the sample is missed.

    Access management

    Access to individual modules and actions is granted on the basis of permissions, which can be granted to individual users or at the level of the function performed as well as the individual employee. It is also possible to block the display of individual sensitive data and confidential documents. The system allows roles and permissions to be defined independently.

    Customizable report templates

    The application offers the user the possibility to create many types of reports. Reports on the results of tests performed can use various templates depending on the parameters of the order. There are also reports covering individual aspects of the work - from registered samples to equipment maintenance costs to aggregated test results, according to the set filters and the selected format (excel, pdf). The configuration possibilities are almost unlimited.

    Documentation management

    The system can be integrated with the QMS module, which streamlines document management in the laboratory. With the application, you store and process documents in an organised and secure way, and have the ability to view procedures and other files by laboratory staff using LabStorm. You also have control over who is granted access, and you can monitor who has read a document and when, or when a new version of a document becomes effective.


    LabStorm allows the scheduling and automatic creation of tasks for cyclical processes, such as periodic test plans or equipment maintenance procedures, which will occur on the date indicated in the application configuration. It is also possible to set up a conditional dispatch of a notification message (e.g. when abnormal results are found) or a test report to a selected addressee.


    The system's structure and functionality have been designed so that each user can tailor it to the needs of their work. Individual modules of the application can be combined with each other or user can work only on selected ones. LabStorm can also be integrated with other applications such as QMS or CAPA for even more precise quality management in the laboratory.


    What modules does our system contain?

    Learn about the modules you can use to streamline your business.


    Allows a quick overview of the most important figures and statistics about the laboratory's work, e.g. in the form of graphs. The range of data displayed is customisable to your needs.

    Organisation of work

    LabStorm provides a quick overview of the task list, with the possibility of filtering it by, for example, the assigned employee, category or scanned sample code.

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    Work requests

    The module allows orders to be recorded based on ready-made workflows with a standard test set or created for individual external or internal customer requirements.

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    The module makes it easy to carry out and document sample work prior to actual testing.

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    The module allows different levels of reports to be generated and displayed. Within test reports, the system uses the report approval process and document template assigned to the order.

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    The module allows you to keep a record of the equipment you own, as well as monitoring its condition, through notifications of breakdowns, the need for inspection, maintenance work or...

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    The module allows the storage of samples to be managed so that stored samples can be easily found. Stock actions are documented and it is possible to verify them with a barcode when they are performed....

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    LabStorm allows you to configure the various types of materials that can be analysed in your laboratory. All the information and attachments for the test subjects are collected in one place....

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    The module allows a record to be kept of materials received and dispensed. The user is alerted by the application if a reagent or disposable is low, or if it is nearing its expiry date.

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    The module includes a range of functionalities to facilitate your work in conducting scientific research, streamline production and support the development of your laboratory.

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    System monitoring

    The module allows all actions and changes that occur in the system to be tracked. An authorised employee has access to audits, the list of problems or the list of user assignments, where...

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    QMS system

    Integration with the quality management module helps to ensure that work is carried out in accordance with current procedures and document versions.

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    Where can it be used?

    Wondering how you can use our system in your industry? Check out some examples of how LabStorm can be used!

    Research laboratories

    A structured processes of processes, documents and resources is the foundation of any laboratory.

    Chemical industry

    The chemical industry is an industry that often surprises with its innovations and discoveries.

    Mechanical industry

    The mechanical engineering industry is a very diverse industry. Mechanical engineering, engine...

    Food industry

    The food industry is subject to strict norms, standards and legislation.

    Pharmaceutical industry

    The pharmaceutical industry requires systematic research, testing and quality control.

    Construction industry

    The construction industry requires continuous testing and examination of the properties of materials and plastics....


    What do you gain?


    Each LIMS user has an assigned function and associated permissions, which prevents unauthorised persons from performing activities outside the assigned scope, as well as conditioning access to individual system components.


    Operational transparency of the system is ensured by functionalities such as audit and chain of custody. Any non-compliance with accepted value ranges and deviations from accepted procedures are monitored and recorded, and can be reported in the form of a register of non-conformities. The LIMS supports the standards and requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 15189, GLP.


    Thanks to the many automated functions of the LIMS system, a great deal of time can be saved for both production staff and management.


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