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    Chemical industry

    Chemical industry

    The chemical industry is an industry that often surprises with its innovations and discoveries. The growth of this industry depends on the efficient and effective operation of research and development laboratories, thanks to which companies improve product quality or introduce new solutions. LabStorm optimises the work in the chemical laboratory and facilitates the management of processes, personnel and resources.

    Storage and processing of data and documents

    • manage and process documents
    • you have quick and easy access to data and its history
    • lab records are organized and secured


    • you manage your staff and monitor commissioned tasks in real time
    • you train employees
    • control personnel access to data and processes


    • you plan processes and control their progress
    • implement protocols specific to your lab
    • implement and monitor ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 15189, GLP and GMP standards
    • generate reports, also automatically


    • you manage and plan research and testing
    • eliminate errors thanks to hardware integrated with the system - measurement data is sent from one device or several devices directly to the system
    • you can conduct research in several different laboratories - the results go to one system
    • you conduct research based on norms and standards

    Equipment and inventory

    • receive alerts and messages about processes, hardware and resources
    • you run a stock of samples and reagents
    • you keep a record of hardware and resources
    • you have access to the history of all processes, devices and resources
    • receive alerts and messages about processes, hardware and resources


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